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VASDS@GIScience'06, GeoVis@AGILE'08, GeoVA@GIScience'08, GeoViz'09 Hamburg,
GeoVA(t)@AGILE'10, GeoViz'11 Hamburg, GeoVis@ICC'11, GeoVA(t)@GIScience'12,
GeoViz'13 Hamburg, Eye Tracking: Why, When and How?, GeoVA@GIScience'14, Envisioning the Future of Cartographic Research'15
..., IJGIS'07, InfoVis'08, CaGIS'09,
CEUS'10, JLBS'10, IJGIS'10, Cartographica'11, JVLC'11, InfoVis'13, IJGIS'14, CaGIS'16, IEEE CG&A'17

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