V-Analytics (a.k.a. CommonGIS)

This page was initially prepared for tutorials on Geospatial Visual Analytics by Natalia and Gennady Andrienko at MODAP Summer School (Rhodos, August 2010) and GIScience conference (Zürich, September 2010)

If you want to try using the sytem, you need to download and install:

  1. Installation instructions: how_to_install-2015.pdf (144,937 bytes)
    revised: added instructions for MAC users
  2. Java run-time environment and Java3d, see details in the installation instructions
  3. Software package (ver.30.08.2019) can be downloaded here
  4. Example data sets data.zip (18,492,976 bytes)

Tutorial slides of 2010 summer schools: VAmovement.pdf (12,665,455 bytes)

The following instructions are supposed to help you loading your own data to the system and analyzing them. Although the instructions are a bit outdated, they cover quite comprehensively the basic functionality, including data loading and indexing parameter (referrer) - depending data.

  • After downloading and installing the system, you can load help files through menu Help - Index (or by shortcut Ctrl-I). The root file is located at the following path: ".\help\english\Contents.htm"
  • A 174-page manual is available for downloading: CG-Manual_englisch.pdf
  • Further document explains the basic structure of APP files (not including referrers): applfile.pdf. Referrers are explained in params.pdf.

You may want to watch instruction videos on how to put your own spatio-temporal and/or movement data into the system:

Further video demostrates some interactive operations available in the system.

Slides of lectures that explain the basic principles of visual analytics and functionality of the system are available at our homepage, section "Lectures"

Recommended reading:

  1. Natalia and Gennady Andrienko. Exploratory Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data. A Systematic Approach. Springer-Verlag, December 2005. Chapter 1: Introduction. Available at http://geoanalytics.net/eda/ as "sample chapter"
  2. Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Stefan Wrobel Visual Analytics Tools for Analysis of Movement Data ACM SIGKDD Explorations, 2007, v.9 (2), pp.38-46. http://www.sigkdd.org/sites/default/files/issues/9-2-2007-12/5_Adrienko_Geo.pdf