Web Supplement to a Special Issue of

International Journal of
Geographic Information Science

This page contains references to the interactive maps proposed as an addition to the paper G.L.Andrienko and N.V.Andrienko "Interactive Maps for Visual Data Exploration" published in the International Journal of Geographical Information Science, vol. 13 (4), June 1999, pp.355-374.

The preliminary version of the paper has been presented at the ICA Visualization Commission meeting in Warsaw, May 1998.

The applets are designed to work with version 4.0 or later of Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer. To get live maps, press the button "Load the map" after loading pages with the applets.

  1. Interface for viewing and manipulating maps. Spatial distribution of "% of children 0-18 years" (Figure 1)
  2. Dynamic choropleph map. Spatial distribution of "Inhabitants per apartment (30/06/1996)" (Colour illustration 1)
  3. Dynamic comparison of choropleth maps. Compare spatial variations of "Part of old people (%) in total population", and "National product per capita, $"
  4. Dynamic bar map. Compare numeric values of "% of old people (65+)" for different "Statistical districts" (Figure 3)
  5. Dynamic focusing on value subintervals of a numeric attribute. Spatial distribution of "Birth rate (births/1,000 population)" (Figure 4)
  6. Dynamic classification map. Dynamic classification by values of Birth rate (births/1,000 population) and distribution of Death rate (Figures 5,6)
  7. Dynamic cross-classification. Cross-classification by values of "Part of old people (%) in total population" and "National product per capita, $" (Colour illustration 2)
  8. Dynamic isolation of qualitative values. Spatial distribution of "Dominant religion" (Figure 7)
Maps 1,2,4 refer to the city of Bonn data set, others - to the statistics about european countries.

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